The Rabbit Hole Hookah Lounge

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The Lost Lounge
There's something that has be disappearing from our society for years. We have a hole in our societies and our souls. I'll be honest and upfront.... I have no Idea what it's from and how to fix it. One thing that helps though is the forgotten art of lounging.

The Rabbit hole hookah lounge is Located at 4701 Roosevelt way NE in the U district. It's a completely unexpected place. At first you might be alarmed by the dark setting or the less then polished walls, but over time your opinion begins to change. The magic of the rabbit hole isn't found in it's vintage couches. The magic comes from the forgotten art of Lounging.

Here you can relax and forget time slipping by. It's a place for conversation and simple interaction. To many places are built on the consumer ideal of quick in and quick out, but here that mentalities forgotten. Here you come in with friends or a good book and relax to one of the 37 flavors The Hole has to offer. There's anything from pomegranate, guava, peach, or Rose. You relax in good company and the night slips away.

The rabbit hole is open on Sunday-Thursday 8-1am and Friday and Saturday 8-2am. - Isaac , posted 07/15/06

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